Gabriele Giambrone is the Head of Forex Lawyers

Gabriele Giambrone is the head of Forex Lawyers and is a litigation expert with experience spanning more than 10 years. Throughout this time Gabriele Giambrone has managed complex claims in various jurisdictions, notably he was responsible for assisting over 250 investors from Italy, Spain, Latin America, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK who all had the same complaint against T.I.R.N. trading company. Managing his team, Gabriele Giambrone settled these complaints against  T.I.R.N. successfully in a class action which recovered in excess of $2.3mln for clients in various forex scams and frauds.

Gabriele specialises in advising private and commercial clients on issues of complex cross-border litigation and represents claimants and defendants in all jurisdictions of civil and commercial courts. He frequently appears at mediation and arbitration hearings, both in Italy and overseas.

He also has extensive experience in advising on private client issues particularly with a cross border element including non-domicile and domicile tax issues, inheritance tax, Will drafting, probates and trust settlements

Gabriele is a highly regarded Forex and financial litigation expert and has been involved in the management of complex claims in various jurisdictions for over a decade. He has also contributed and authored a number of articles on the management of complex Forex cross-border and multinational claims. 

Testimonial For Gabriele Giambrone

Dear Gabriele

I am sure that the London offices of Giambrome today are rightly proud that the collective work of their amazing team, over the last for two and a half years, resulted in the truly fantastic conclusion of the case of Tucker v Gant yesterday.

Gabriele, I will be forever in your debt, and to that of your firm, for the incredible work, friendship and generousity you have demonstrated towards my best friend throughout this case. Paul is a  determined soul but you enabled that determination to be channelled, through the correct legal process and with such wise council, to reach a conclusion that at the start of this great adventure would have seemed simply impossible to him to achieve.

I also must thank you for your genuine kindness and generousity in driving this case forward despite the financial restrictions that Paul has found himself under. I know that he is determined to repay that generousity with haste.

What you achieved during yesterday’s mediation was pure legal artistry – Your talent and understanding of the law and how to play it left the other side completely out of their depth. The agreement reached is more than Paul could have ever wished for. You made his dream come true – to keep he home, remove Mr Gant from his life forever and,most importantly, feel that justice had finally been done.

I think that the feeling and atmosphere of any business is directly linked to that who leads it. In Giambrone you have a team that combine great talent with friendship and compassion in equal measure. Each and every one of them are a credit to you.

I thank you for releasing Paul from the chains of the last decade of is life and allowing him to now take charge of his own destiny. You has given my best friend his life back.

On a much less profound level!!!, please let us know when you are next entertaining a night out at The George and Dragon in Greenwich. It sounds such a fun place. We can spend our evening steering Paul away from Romanians, Brazilians and of course anyone for Yorkshire!!!!

My best wishes to you Gabriele

In the News and Media

Gabriele is brought in by SKY News for his opinion on cross border international law.